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ABOUT Raising Parents & Linda Clement


Helping parents thrive with information, support, and insight

Linda Clement, parenting coach and author, long-time La Leche League Leader, fastpitch softball umpire and occasional doodler, offers a quirky, insightful view of children and childrearing. From a philosophy of respect for kids to lifelong learning in fields from child development and neurobiology to meditation and nutrition, Linda helps parents see through the cultural clutter for what kids (and parents, and families and communities) really need.


The mother of two grown daughters, Linda wrote her first book, The Way and the Power of Mothering, meditations on mothering, balance and the Taoist Way, as a new-mom present for her sister, Liz, upon the birth of Linda's niece, Gabrielle Grace. The original publication was hand-drawn, and it is now available from Amazon as an ebook and paperback. Her second book, Lazy Parenting, parenting a simpler way, is also available as an ebook or paperback, and will soon be followed by her third book, Lazier Parenting, still more simpler parenting. Read more of Linda's writing on her blog, the article reprints, or listen to her podcasts. .  .

Helping parents thrive, since 2002

Raising Parents Inc. began as a company offering parenting courses for parents who wanted to raise adults, rather than the children-walking-around-in-adult-bodies we so often see... the initial course titled Raising Adults, Not Kids offered 8 sessions of information and discussion about goal setting, avoiding common difficulties, recognizing kids' strengths and personalities, respecting children as people, and understanding human development. 


With an attachment-centric philosophy, Raising Parents has grown to publish books, podcasts, blogs, articles and online courses, in addition to offering live presentations on any parenting topic from helping kids understand money to kindly and effectively dealing with teens in crisis.


We also offer one-on-one parent coaching, helping moms and dads (and grandparents and guardians and co-parents and step-parents and sitters) reach their own highest standards, to be the best adult-raisers they can be for their families and communities.

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Lazier Parenting ... chaotic to peaceful families




New E-Book, the long-requested

The Manual Your Child Came With, a parenting book about your child by Linda Clement 


do you wish your child came with a manual?

It turns out, your child did... you just didn't know, and didn't have instructions for how to read it...


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