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    Link to the original blogspot, with posts dating back to 2008

  • Love Puppies-- not cute and scary obsession in teens and tweens

    Love Puppies --not cute and scary obsession in teens and tweens A version of this post was originally published on Suite101, in 2005. Originally titled Love Puppy, cute but terrifying behaviour among tweens and teens Many young teens and even 10-12-year-olds, have experienced what it's like to have someone obsessed in love, following them, waiting for them, and fawning over them. Like puppies, these enamored crushes are not an uncommon experience. They are uncomfortable and awkward and many peo…

  • Celebrate Halloween --the old fashioned way

    Concerns about physical distancing, spiking covid-19 case numbers, and kids encountering dozens (or hundreds) of other people's 'social bubbles' just to wear costumes and get candy have me thinking . . . again. Uh-oh.

    How would you like a covid-safe, inside-the-guidelines party for you and your kids, that is cheaper and more fun than trick-or-treating?

  • Chores and Children: Just Quit Asking

    Why is it that getting kids to do chores, help out around the house, and generally do what is asked of them, such a frustration for parents? Asking...

    You can give orders that do not end in '?' without it ever being anything but respectful.


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