Sacrifice of Parents 

What sacrifices have you made because you’re a parent? The question arises all the time in the media and parenting groups, online and off. What do you think of that question?

Linda Clement probably thinks differently

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Three-Year-Old Mini Adult 

What can really be expected of a three-year-old, and how do you get them to listenLinda Clement has a slightly different view… of ‘listening’ and what realistic expectations are. 

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No Grandparents? Oh no!

So many parents seek to find boundaries that work with their own parents, when they were raised very differently from how they are now parenting their kids. Linda Clement offers some historical perspective and a different way of looking at a child’s need for grandparents

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Do I Have to Hug Mrs. Perry?

Huff Post article ‘This is How You Teach Kids About Consent‘ causes Parenting Coach Linda Clement to give a brief overview of the exceptions involved in body autonomy for kids, as it relates to giving or accepting affection from others who may feel bad when Little One says ‘no.’

The fundamental human right of body autonomy.

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How to Clear Kids Clutter Before the Holidays

Watch Rowena List, Getting it Together professional organizer and Linda Clement, parent coach, giving tips and suggestions for helping clear up the chaos and clutter before the holidays. . .

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